March 1, 2017

How To Choose Your Crystal

How to Choose Your Crystal

   You can choose a crystal by intuition. When you look at the variety of crystals, you would often find one that automatically grabs your eye. If you don’t feel any connection by sight, try touching the crystals. Crystals and gemstones have and  emit energies. If the crystal feels comfortable in your hand that might be the one. The most important thing when choosing a crystal is to trust yourself!


   Another way to choose a crystal is using  a pendulum. Pendulums give you a physical external representation of your natural inner knowing. To Identify  the “yes” and “no” of your pendulum; ask a simple question to which you know the answer. For example, you can ask “am I a woman/man?” The pendulum will start to make a movement. Ask the opposite question and you should see a different movement. After you have identified the “yes” and “no” of your pendulum; hold it over crystals one at a time and ask “do I need this crystal?” It’s that simple.

how to choose your crystal

   If you’re new at crystals it might take a while to be able to develop the skills to be able to feel their energy. Everyone can do it, it just takes some time.

   If you want to start practicing using a Pendulum you can order yours here

Crystal pendulums are easier to work with when you start as crystals magnify energy making it easier for you to see a response.

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