Handmade Turquoise “Princess” Mala

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Use this Handmade “Princess” Mala for prayer or  meditation. You can also use it as reminder of the qualities of a princess like “you”

A princes is strong. She will do everything in her power to achieve her goals. Barriers will not keep her down she goes for what she wants in life.  She does not let life’s circumstances keep her down.

A princess is discerning. She stand up for what she believes in her heart to be true. Using her own judgement she is able to make her life what she wants.

A princess is a fighter. She fights for what she believes in despite being told not to.

A princess is curious and unique. She is intrigued by the unknown and constantly looking for the most unique things in life.

A princess is independant. Even if a princess has everything in life, she still wants to make it on her own.

A princess is loving. She sees beauty behind a face that is different than hers. She allows herself to see past the masks and see the true beauty within people. A princess  never put her beauty and self above someone else; she is kind, loving and befriends anyone.

This is a very fashionable piece that will enhance your style and beauty, it will remind you the “Princess” you are

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6mm Turquoise Beads

Pink Tassesl

Himalayan Charm


Turquoise, White


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I stumbled upon this lovely minimalist jewelry collection, and I must say, it's pure elegance. Each piece feels like an extension of my style. Thank you.

Lisa D