Giant “Aquatic Bird” Float


Giant “Aquatic Bird” Pool Float was specially Designed to transform regular moments in “Magic” ones. Because your family memories are the ones that are going to live with you forever.
Great for Summer!

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Giant “Aquatic Bird” Pool Float; 78 1/2″ Inflatable Raft

  • Giant “Aquatic Bird” Pool Toy; 80.5″ x 74″ x 57″
  • Heavy Duty, Durable .25mm Vinyl Pool Float
  • Giant “Aquatic Bird” Pool Raft Is Nearly 5 Feet High; and Over 6 Feet From Wing To Wing
  • Inflatable “Aquatic Bird” Pool Float is ALMOST SEVEN FEET From Tail to Beak
  • #1 Summer Inflatable Pool Toy For Kids & Adults


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